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Egg Drop Competition

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Contest Rules (Click here for PDF version)


The contestants shall design and build a shipping container that will prevent an uncooked chicken egg (Grade-AA Large) from breaking when dropped from a height of 30 feet. The container should be less than 512 cubic inches in volume, with no dimension longer than 8 inches. The maximum weight, including the egg, should not exceed 1 pound. Judges must be able to place the egg in the container or remove it without damage in a maximum time of 30 seconds. Failure to meet these criteria may result in disqualification. There are TWO divisions for this competition, the details of which are mentioned below.

Open Division


Any material may be used in the design, as long as the structure meets the design and contest rules as outlined below. Eggs will be provided; contestants may not bring their own egg.

Design and Contest Rules

  1. The event will take place during San Luis Obispo Farmers Market, Thursday May 7th at 6:30PM on the corner of Higuera and Broad Street.
  2. Teams of one or two people may enter one package of their own design and fabrication.
  3. A completed entry form must be presented on the day of the competition.
  4. There is no entry fee for students.
  5. No kits or pre-made designs may be used. The structure must be the individual's or team's invention.
  6. The structure must be completely released (no strings or other attachments).
  7. The structure must land in a designated target area. (a 4' x 4' area marked out)
  8. No propulsion systems will be allowed.
  9. No gases (e.g. helium) other than air can be present in the structure when it is weighed.
  10. No high viscosity fluids are allowed (peanut butter, jelly, etc.).
  11. No sharp objects or hazardous materials are permitted.
  12. No liquids or anything that will splatter (other than the egg!).
  13. Volume will be calculated based on the rectangular cube (length x width x depth) of the container's exterior surface.
  14. The package entries will not be returned, upon entry they become the property of Poly Pack. For sanitary reasons, event organizers will dispose of all packages and eggs after the contest.


  1. Grade-AA Large eggs will be supplied at the contest.
  2. Contestants cannot bring their own eggs.
  3. A panel of Judges will inspect all containers before they are dropped. A majority vote shall constitute a panel's decision.
  4. Once an egg is weighed in with the structure/package, that egg cannot be exchanged with another.
  5. The egg must be placed into the container on-site. Judges must be able to place the egg in the container or remove it without damage in a maximum time of 30 seconds. Exceeding these time limits may lead to disqualification.
  6. If the egg is damaged during placement/removal within the container, the team may be disqualified.
  7. The egg must be undamaged after the drop in order for the score value to be recorded. The egg is considered damaged if any cracks (fissures, splits, breaks) appear on the surface of the egg, particularly with multiple points of intersection, or internal fluids are escaping from the shell.
  8. The packaged eggs will be dropped from a height of 30 feet.
  9. The order of finish will be based on score totals with the highest score the winner.
  10. Students are eligible for prizes for finishing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, place.

The final score and breakdown will be based on the equation to determine the winners: Score = (100,000) / [(total mass (ounces)) x (volume (in^3)) x (time of fall (sec))]

Poly Pack Assembled Kits Division

Show up at the Egg Drop venue on the corner of Higuera and Broad street. You will be provided a Pre-Assembled kit to construct your egg drop container. Prizes will be awarded to teams that assemble successful containers. The same rules apply for both divisions. (Forms filled out day of event)


Open Division

  • 1st: $350.00 Visa/AMEX Gift card
  • 2nd: $250.00 Visa/AMEX Gift card
  • 3rd: $150.00 Visa/AMEX Gift card

Assembled Kits Division

  • 1st: $350.00 Visa/AMEX Gift card
  • 2nd: $250.00 Visa/AMEX Gift card
  • 3rd: $150.00 Visa/AMEX Gift card

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